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EOS300 Electrical Outside Sliding Door System
Rail Doors
   Product Description
I. Introduction
EOS300 electrical outside sliding door system is mainly used as the entrance or exit doors for underground trains and metros. It achieves the sliding motion by utilizing ball screw and nut mechanism. It is an innovative, well-engineered product. The main features are shown as below:
Superior sealing. It insulates noise from the outside and reduces the energy loss of the air conditioner;
High reliability.  It is very reliable because of computerized control system and imported key components;
High safety. It also utilizes the pressure wave sensitive edge combined with current detection as secondary sensitive edge;
Sleek outlook. The outlook is very clean by using the curve-matched door panel and the inner sealing;
Light weight honey comb aluminum bonded door panels.
II. Mechanism
The door system consists of mechanical system and electrical system. Mechanical system includes door operator and door panels. The electrical system includes power supply and controller. The door operator consists of driving mechanism, hanging mechanism, guiding mechanism, and locking & unlocking mechanism.
Driving mechanism includes DC motor and multi-head ball screw to achieve smooth motion and high reliability. The DC motor is connected to shaft connector, gear box, ball screw and driving nut in order. Driving nut is then connected to the door hanger and door panel. The door panel is horizontal sliding as long as ball screw rotates;
Guiding mechanism consists of lower guide track. When the door panel moves, the lower guide track is installed on the lower inner part of the door panel. The lower roller installed on the arm is also rotating around the lower guide track when the door panel is sliding. The sliding motion is controlled by roller and guide track mechanism;
Locking and unlocking mechanism includes solenoid, locking fork and door locking plate. The solenoid is mounted with baseplate. LH locking plates is mounted with LH door hanger and RH locking plate is mounted with RH door hanger. The locking fork is pin connected with solenoid shaft. When the door is full closed the solenoid shaft drop with locking fork, which is engaged with both LH locking plate and RH locking plate. The door is locked. When the door opens, the solenoid is activated and it drives the solenoid shaft with locking fork to move up. The locking plate is disengaged and the door is unlocked. There is also manual release cable to
connected locking fork to unlock the door during the emergency;
EDCU controls the door movement by getting orders from vehicle. The function of EDCU is to control individual door movement and communicate with other EDCU. The function of EDCU is to control individual door movement and communicate with other EDCU. The bus connection such as MVB, Ethernet or CAN service is available per car builder’ s request. In order to achieve the high reliability of the EDCU, all the electrical key components are imported;
The sensitive edge system is part of electrical system. When the sensitive edge installed on the door panel hits the obstacle during the closing, the door panel will start to open to avoid pinching. The function is achieved by two ways. The first is achieved by pressure wave switch which is connected to the door panel rubber seals and the second one is achieved by checking the current change from the motor.
III. Main Parameters
Operation Temperature:                -40°C - 60°C
Operation Voltage:                    DC24V, 72V, or 110V
Motor Power:                          100W or 150W
Minimum Life Cycle:                   1,500,000
Door Closing or Opening Time:         1.5 – 3.5 Seconds
Style:                                Single or Double
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